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Life After Trauma Coach
About Me

About Me

Wife, mom of 4, author, speaker, friend, horse/goat/chicken/dog mom, and a former Mrs. Wyoming America 2022--I wear many hats and have many passions. When I'm not tending to my family, my little farm, or running my kids all over Wyoming for sports, you will find me working out, writing, or hanging at home with my kids and about 3,573 neighbor kids running around riding dirt bikes, horses, and the occasional cartwheel on top of the barn--yes, that actually happens. As for hobbies, if I find the time I truly enjoy a good home reno project. On a night that I choose to relax, I'll plop down in my bed to watch a Chicago PD or Law and Order Organized Crime while my husband works on his computer beside me.


While on occasion I may wear a sash, heels, and big eyelashes, I am still very much your down-to-earth gal who loves coffee, Wyoming sunrises, sunsets, snuggling my 3 giant breed dogs, and whose floors are NEVER EVER clean. In 2021 I wrote a book titled "Me and Jesus Covered in Pee." which made me realize how much I enjoyed writing, and LOVED sharing stories that helped others (I am currently in the midst of writing my second book which I will be announcing soon!). I am an enneagram 8w9, which makes for an interesting combo. I am an ENFJ on the Meyers Briggs, and my husband swears I'm an empath. I have a lot of room for compassion, very little for excuses. Including my own.

A few years ago I found my personal health and relationships were spiraling. I felt isolated, disconnected, lonely, and like joy was out of my personal reach. It felt like my trauma had sucked the texture, love, and true connection right out of my life. One day life finally culminated and I would end up passing out on an urgent care receptionist's desk due to a panic attack.
I tried multiple therapists and doctors only to be told by one that I absolutely needed meds and to not come back until I was on some, and by the other that I was tough and I would "be fine". I realized nobody was going to care about my health like I was, nobody else was as invested as I was, nobody els understood where I was coming from and what I needed like I did. 

So, I decided to take charge of my health--physical, mental, and spiritual. I'm not foolish enough to tell everyone that what worked for me will work for you, there is no exact formula to trauma recovery. BUT I can tell you that if you need a coach that will help hold you accountable, will empathize with you on the tough days, and help YOU figure out what YOU need to begin feeling joy and connection again, I'm your girl!

Work Experience

Work Experience

Kids have been at the center of nearly all my work experience.
I started out as full time nanny at 20.
Provided childcare out of my home for several years.
Worked in the school system as a Special Ed Para.
I  have been in educating and preventing CSA for years. 
I have worked with teachers as a consultant on how to best help child survivors of SA function better within their classrooms. 

As my kids have grown I have grown into a role of talking with mothers about the struggles of parenting as a survivor of childhood trauma. Learning to navigate life as an adult without having been given the tools is HARD. It's just plain HARD. Working to heal while also parenting is TOUGH STUFF. It's a journey I am still on, I am walking into the phase of parenting teenagers now. I do not claim to be an expert but I am here to learn with you along th way. And I have learned boundaries go a long way in ALL relationships. 



Self Taught; Lived Experienced Expert

Part of my neglect as a child was my education. I didn't receive one. What I know is either self-learned/taught or pure passion. I have struggled with this defining me or causing me to feel unqualified my whole life. But I have come to the realization that what makes me feel UNqualified, is actually what gives me the authority I need. I find this especially true in coaching others after trauma, because I've actually been there..
After speaking to a group of youth I had girl say:
"It's hard to believe a girl like her came from the same place as me." I've had others who shared that they feel more motivation and strength after a heartfelt conversation with me than they have with their therapist. 
I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed. I want everyone to know that it doesn't matter where you come from it only matters what you learned, and where you're going with it.
Education or not, you can do good in this world, and you can live a successful life. 

Contact Me

Contact Me
Tel: 307-314-2368

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