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Mrs. Wyoming America
About Me

About Me

Wife, mom, author, speaker, friend, horse/goat/chicken/dog mom, Chief Development Officer of Vigilant Families, and the current Mrs. Wyoming America--I wear many hats and have many passions. 

When I'm not tending to my family, my little farm, or running my kids all over Wyoming for sports, you will find me working, writing, or in my community. While on occasion I may wear a sash, heels, and big eyelashes, I am still very much your down-to-earth gal who loves coffee, sunrises, and sunsets and whose floors are NEVER clean. 

I earned the state title of "Mrs. Wyoming America 2022" as part of the 'Mrs. America' pageant system. I will be competing for Mrs. America in August of 2022--Wish me luck!! I am passionate about the Mrs. America platform because they focus on doing good in your communities and encourage their constants to back a non profit platform.
I am a survivor of child sexual abuse and because of that, I chose two organizations that I back wholeheartedly.

Vigilant Families and Darkness to Light.

As a result of working with Vigilant Families in my Mrs. Wyoming America platform, I was hired as their Chief Development Officer. VF is an organization focused on preventing child trafficking and exploitation. We provide an online resource library to empower entire families to outsmart predators + traffickers. 

'Darkness To Light' specializes in child sexual abuse
 prevention training. I am a certified facilitator of prevention classes for 'Darkness To Light'. My long-term goal is to utilize 'Erin's Law' and implement prevention training in schools across Wyoming. 

As for hobbies, if I find the time I truly enjoy a good home reno project. On a night that I actually take it off, I'll plop down in my bed to watch a Chicago PD or Law and Order Organized Crime while my husband works on his computer beside me.
We're simple people living in a complicated world hoping to make it a bit better than we found it.

I wrote a book last fall titled "Me and Jesus Covered in Pee." If you're interested in reading you can find it here.

If there is any avenue in which I can HELP YOU, or we can TEAM TOGETHER to make a difference in this world, message me.
I want in on it!

Work Experience

Work Experience

Kids have been at the center of nearly all my work experience.
I started out as full time nanny at 20.
Provided childcare out of my home for several years.
I  have been in educating and preventing CSA for years. 
I have worked with teachers as a consultant on how to best help child survivors of SA function better within their classrooms. 

I am passionate about raising and educating children who understand emotions and helping them learn how to navigate the world in a healthy way.

I am passionate about speaking to teens and college age and giving them a framework using stories to help them understand the gravity of the decisions they're making now--from dating to social media to their friend groups, social norms, etc. 



Self Taught; Lived Experienced Expert

Part of my neglect as a child was my education. I didn't receive one. What I know is either self-taught or pure passion. I have struggled with this defining me or causing me to feel unqualified. But I have come to the realization that what makes me feel UNqualified, is actually what gives me the street cred I need. After speaking to groups of youth I have had girls say:
"It's hard to believe a girl like her came from the same place as me."
I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed. I want everyone to know that it doesn't matter where you come from it only matters where you're going. Education or not, you can do good in this world, and you can live a successful life. 

Contact Me

Contact Me

P.O. Box
Cheyenne, WY 82009
Tel: 307-314-2368

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